Mentees Eligibility

Mainly drawn from institutions working in the fields of agriculture, natural resources and community development, policy and livelihood promotion, ready to learn on how transformational leadership could facilitate scale up of agroecology in Africa. Mentees will be matched with mentors and connected to agroecology specialists and will be capacity built through frequent interactions.

The AWOLA mentorship fellowship targets practitioners who can meet a range of criteria.

  • The fellowship targets women African nationals, current citizens of Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda.
  • Applicants need to have at least a degree and 5 years’ experience in agriculture, food systems, land based sectors or working on agro-based livelihoods with farming communities.
  • Applicants need to be affiliated to an institution, with either government organizations, non- government, private sector, development, civil society, regional and sub- regional communities, or academia
  • Applicants will be drawn from the fields of Natural resource management, Climate change, Agri-business, Livelihoods, advocacy on policy work etc)

Ideal AWOLA fellows should: -

  • Show commitment to investing in your personal growth and participation for the full 12 months program.
  • Be able to articulate top leadership challenges in scaling up agroecology and sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Need to show how they play or intend to undertake leadership roles in transforming agriculture, food systems or livelihoods of farming communities using agroecology principles/approaches.
  • Be able to access reliable internet and to commit time to a maximum of 5 hours a week towards the mentorship.
If you do not meet all the requirements above, you may provide an explanation in the application below about why you believe you are eligible.

Important: The AWOLA Application process is made of both written and video responses:

  • Written Response questions: The responses to the short questions need to be short but self-explanatory. We have provided a maximum of 1,000 characters including spaces. To avoid timing out of the website and losing your responses, you might draft your responses into a word processing file and then copy them into this form when complete.
  • Video Response questions: We require you to record and submit a short video response of your motivation statement. The video responses need not to be longer than 2 minutes each. We are not expecting a professional video, most important we need to hear and see you as you speak clearly. You may use your phone to record, ensure you use earphones to get rid of any external noise.
  • For this round all application responses must be in English.

Confidentiality: All information submitted as part of this application process will be reviewed confidentially by a diverse review panel including PELUM staff and advisors. The selection process is rigorous based on suitability and diversity.

Applications must be done online. However, if you face difficulties in using the online application forms, Please download and fill in this WORD DOCUMENT and email your application and supporting documents to Awola email:( cc